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Harcourts Real Estate, Est 1888.

Our mission is simple: to deliver exceptional service and the best possible outcomes for every client we work with. Harcourts have been helping clients since 1888, and today has confidently expanded across the globe with over 860 offices throughout Australia, Canada, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UAE and the USA.


Harcourts have a unique way of doing things that has served us, and our clients, for over 125 years. We make it our business to understand the way the market and consumers interact, but the key to our success is in how we interact with our clients. We’d like to think that everyone who works with us is enriched by the experience. We see ourselves as an approachable, perceptive and honest partner, diligent about making sure that our clients’ interests are served and their expectations of real estate transactions are raised a notch or two.


So what makes us different?


Harcourts is a company that only engages full-time professional Realtors. We provide them with considerable training, world leading technology and comprehensive tools to ensure that their clients receive a quality of service that is unparalleled.

Harcourts Realtors focus on ensuring their clients are communicated with throughout the entire process – and all information, including weekly update reports are available securely on-line 24/7.

It sounds simple, however, it requires a different approach to the normal brokerage model, our management ratio to Realtors is 1 to 20, not 1 to 100. When someone employs a Harcourts Realtor they know two things:

1. They have a full time, professional, well trained Realtor.
2. They engage not just the Realtor but the entire Harcourts team including our Managing Broker, in-house Marketing and the Support and Administration team.


If you are looking for a fresh approach to real estate, contact Harcourts today.

Harcourts - With You All The Way


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